Kris’ Picks: Top 5 Songs of the Week (MGMT, Twenty One Pilots, St. Lucia, and more)

Week 2 of songs you should definitely have in your music library:

1) Electric Feel by MGMT

This song is a classic, and if you don’t already have it you should. Electric Feel is one of those songs that makes you dance immediately, regardless of where you are you’ll know the catchy lyrics and the beat, Its one of those songs you can not listen to for a long time and when it comes on years later you know every word. You. Should. Have. This. Song. I may not be a huge MGMT fan (I know, I know..), but I will always love Electric Feel. The electronic sound and the guitar (I think it’s a guitar) mix perfectly, gives me goosebumps. What are you waiting for? Download it.

2) Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots is actually a local band from Columbus who blew up in 2012 after releasing their second album Vessel. Their song “Holding On to You was played on radio stations all over and eventually became really popular. “Car Radio” starts off very quiet, maybe even eerie, that’s what I love about the track, the buildup. Lead vocalist Tyler Joseph starts off the songs with lyrics like, ” I ponder of something great/ My lungs will fill and then deflate/ They fill with fire/ Exhale desire/ I know its dire/ My time today.” It really sets the mood of the song, a constant buildup of frustration and angst until the final moments of the song where the drums come in to help Joseph convey his anger in his words. Listen to this one, you won’t be disappointed.
3) Elevate by St. Lucia
This singer never fails to amaze me, I got into him when I heard one of his songs titled “All Eyes On You” (Check that one out too). “Elevate” is one of those feel good songs, it can change your mood with the upbeat rhythms and the great vocals, can’t forget to mention the fantastic use of trumpets near the end. Jean-Philip Grobler known by his stage name St. Lucia started writing music when he was 12, the South African born singer soon moved to Brooklyn, New York where his career took off. His debut album When The Night¬†was released last year and he is currently on tour in the US.
4) Beware The Dog by The Griswolds
Australian indie rockers The Griswolds know how to write a summer anthem I’ll tell you that. “Beware The Dog” is the perfect summer song, with catchy hooks and a chorus with an infectious beat that it’s hard to not enjoy the song. If you actually read this blog, you’ll notice that I got to see these guys live, man was that epic. This band knows how to make good music, and they have so much fun with it. Their debut album Be Impressive is due out in August, so keep an eye out for them. You won’t regret it.
5) Take It or Leave It by Cage the Elephant
This song gets me right away with the guitar riff that starts it out. The song is another one of those songs that you listen to when you’re trying to relax or when you’re driving around with your windows down. Cage the Elephant’s new album Melophobia (which literally means fear of music) released October of last year and received positive reviews all around. The album was one of those that had songs I liked and songs I didn’t. Overall it was ok, but “Take It or Leave It” is a track you should be listening to.

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