Joywave trolls listeners with ‘SWISH’

Kanye West’s project The Life Of Pablo was probably one of the most controversial and most talked about albums in a long time. From the constant name changes to the non-finalized leaked product, West put on quite a show for some fans.

First it was So Help Me God, then SWISH and now The Life Of Pablo. But what happens to fans who were actually looking forward to having an album named SWISH or So Help Me God? Well, one of them is off the table for good, but the other one has actually come back in an unexpected way…

Alternative band Joywave released an ‘album’ today titled none other than SWISH. I know what you’re thinking: “YAY NEW JOYWAVE.” The truth is, they just made an extremely funny (but arrogant) move with their fans. And I absolutely love it.

Joywave released a full-length LP with only one new song. That one new song is the last song. Each and every song before the new song, is the same song.


PC: Buffablog

A common theme at a Joywave concert, at least the one I’ve been to, is that the crowd is going to participate. If you don’t, the band will just play the song over and over and over again until they see movement. Sounds cruel, right? It’s actually hilarious.

They don’t use this tactic on specific songs either, just one: “Destruction.”

Seeing what I’m getting at?

They released SWISH, a 10-track album, with nine repetitions of the track “Destruction” and one new (actually new) track called “Life in a Bubble I Blew.”

Get this: the track listing is extremely ironic too.

Track list:

1) Destruction

2) Why

3) Be

4) Credible

5) When

6) You

7) Can

8) Be (part 2)

9) Incredible?

10) Life in a Bubble I Blew


You may not have gotten the SWISH from Kanye West, but you got something better than nothing from Joywave.

You can stream Joywave’s SWISH and How Do You Feel Now? below.

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    1. They aren’t selling the album. It’s just on spotify, not iTunes or any site where you buy music, so it’s harmless that way 🙂

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