IMPACT Series: Introduction

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had an album, or a song, or an artist, band, EP, etc. that IMPACTed your life so astronomically that it felt like it was meant for you? Did that particular music get you through the fun times, the not-so fun times, the highest point of your life or the lowest point?

Welcome to IMPACT- a periodic series in which I will be featuring such music that has impacted my life in such a way that I could not help but feel that the universe made it just for me to get through a time in my life.

The idea was brought to life when mental illness decided to take its holds onto me and squeeze me so hard that I had to completely uproot my life to escape its grasp and learn to manage the after effects of its debilitating tribulations.

The thing that got me through the lowest point and continues to motivate me to take baby steps in getting better and better every single day? Music.

With the spare time that I now have, I’d like to focus my energy to contributing more periodically to the site in a manner that is both productive for my own sake, and could possibly IMPACT readers into sharing music with each other (and me) that has shaped them and their lives.

Perhaps, this series will prompt readers to share their own narratives. I know that through IMPACT, I will be sharing mine.

Forever grateful,



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