HONNE release “Someone That Loves You” with Izzy Bizu

You’d think HONNE and Izzy Bizu were veteran collaborators, and rightfully so. “Someone That Loves You” has given us listeners a natural and sensual blend of soul and electronica.

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You can sense some reclusiveness in their lyrics, a quiet destruction amplified by the smooth and haunting vocals of Izzy and Andy. It’s quite a stray from HONNE’s more sexual tracks, like “Warm On A Cold Night” and “All In The Value.”

HONNE comprises of Andy and James, both of whom write and produce their music. Their sound can be summed up as innovative, an electronic take on soul and sexual R&B. They aren’t just all about lovemaking though. Their songs highlight things like love, regret, and heartbreak in quite a conversational way.

Their synth-heavy, electronic tunes allow us a temporary escape from our largely cynical world. “Someone That Loves You” is exactly that. The track projects a sullen mood that gives us reasons to be sad and yet somehow leaves us content. It’s like we’ve drunk ourselves into a blissful daze, however ignorant that contentedness is.

The lyrics themselves convey a sort of push and pull relationship filled with much blame for the other, though it’s more of a one-way relationship. You can hear it in the chorus, “Don’t touch me. Boy I want you…You have someone that loves you…And I’m patient. I’m deluded.” The track hones in on the commonalities of the wily amalgamations of love and manipulation. No one and everyone is right.

It’s an honest track that I’ve come to really enjoy and appreciate.

HONNE also posted a brief letter on their Facebook page about their lyrical collaboration with Izzy Bizu, mentioning their excitement in “getting the chance to work with other creative, like-minded people.”

You can check out “Someone That Loves You” below:

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4 Comments on “HONNE release “Someone That Loves You” with Izzy Bizu”

  1. I feel like this song is actually a portrayal of an affair. Her wanting his full attention, Hence the references to his head being in two different places. She also sings a verse on her own where she says “does she love you too, the way that I do,” which I’d say is a pretty dead give away. And then when it says “not allowed to, you have someone that loves you” it’s saying that she wants to be with him but she knows she can’t because he has someone else. He also sings a verse that compliments her movements and beauty and then follows by saying “but what’s a boy to do when he can’t seem to choose,” referring to her and his S/O. I think the lyrics she sings when she says “I feel stupid,” coincides with the lyrics about How she’s ‘waiting’ and being ‘patient’- like she’s waiting for him to be hers fully but she also knows that he probably won’t leave his S/O. I don’t know though, I’ve been listening to the acoustic version so I’ve been focusing on the lyrics a lot.

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