“Good Grief,” more music from Bastille is coming!

Last Thursday, Bastille tweeted that the first single from their upcoming album Wild World, “Good Grief,” will be dropping this Thursday.

PC: Music Festival Wizard
PC: Music Festival Wizard

Buzz has been building for a while now about Bastille’s second album, with the band posting a short video on their web page detailing the process the creation of this album took while they were touring the world, and creating an open interaction between the band and its fans on their Facebook page, Wild World Communications.


I’m really excited to see the direction their album is going to be taking. A lot of new music has shown up online from their tour performances, and the band itself has hinted the many possibilities for their new direction. From what I’ve heard so far around the web, I like where the band is heading. The news songs still sound like the Bastille which took over the world with “Pompeii” only a few years ago, but it sounds like there’s a distance from the poppy-goodness of that song and the raw emotion of their titular first album song, “Bad Blood” — a personal favorite that hasn’t left my head in over two years.

There doesn’t seem to be much word yet on when we’ll be getting Wild World, but until then we have this pretty cool video.

Also this very detailed breakdown of what Wild World might end up looking like over at DIY.

I’m personally hoping we get a big “Hangin’” vibe because that song just fucking rules. But Bastille is still touring throughout Europe over the month so we may get a much more clear idea of Wild World sooner rather than later.

As we think about what we want this new album to be, I encourage everyone to just sit back, listen to “Hangin’,” and agree on its being great—unless you have other ideas.

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