FMMF Day 2: Exclusive Interview with Our Vintage Film

Our Vintage Film is a “New Nashville” duo that wants to encase the listeners in an infinite feeling of nostalgia. The Indie Sound had the pleasure of interviewing them Day 2 of Columbus, Ohio’s Fashion Meets Music Festival.

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How has your first fest experience been for you?

Adam: It’s amazing. We’re getting amazing treatment by the staff and everyone has been super nice. Even the bands backstage have been super cool. We even met some major bands who we’ve been a fan of. We met Andrew McMahon, who we’re huge fans of.

Dustin: He came to our set and said it was amazing afterwards. We just hung out with him today.

Adam: We just found out that he came. We talked to him yesterday while we were grabbing dinner and we told him to come check us out tomorrow and he did! I can’t believe that he was there!

Dustin: He was backstage for two songs and then he went to the sound booth in the back center.

Adam: Everyone else saw him there, but I didn’t until later.

Dustin: Being able to do things like that at festivals like this is incredible. And that’s the generation of change, you know? Being able to network like that now that sales are down, you got to figure out how to do more things, book more events, put more things on and meet more bands. That’s how tours are put together now- by meeting more bands at festivals. We talked to Captiva who played before us.

We got to interview them earlier. They were extremely cool and fun to talk to.

Dustin: Yeah, they’re really cool. I think everyone on the Jager stage are from Nashville. So, that’s also a really cool sign to see a lot of bands from Nashville.

That’s like a little piece of home here.

Dustin: Exactly! And I’m originally from Columbus, so it’s cool to be here.

That kind of leads me into my next question: If you guys could tour with a band you’ve seen or met here who would it be?

Dustin: Andrew.

Adam: Definitely Andrew. Taking Back Sunday would be really cool, too.

You guys mentioned to me earlier today that you were influenced by 30 Seconds to Mars. How do you incorporate that into your sound while still keeping it uniquely yours?

Adam: That’s a good question. I think we were huge fans of the song “Kings and Queens” and that song really resonated with the both of us. We love that sound- the huge, epic boom sound.

Dustin: But, it’s kind of dated, so as we try to make it our own, we try to make it sound more relevant versus a 2005 “Kings of Queens” 30 Seconds to Mars. So we try to add synths, dance beats, 808s and stuff like that and do our clique track, so that we have those drops.

Adam: We try to stay relevant while using that influence. We really like some newer bands, too, like the 1975. We try to mash those kinds of sounds up to make it our own.

You guys are self-produced and independent. Do you want to continue to do that?

Dustin: No. It’s way too stressful.

So if a label were to come around, you guys would sign?

Dustin: We definitely want to work with someone.

Adam: We definitely want to work closely with the producer since we’ve done it ourselves and we’ve gotten so far and have learned a lot about the process and everything. I feel like we could use that brain power that engineers do.

Dustin: It’s the brain power. We can use that for marketing and doing our thing without having to worry about someone else’s job.

I understand. It’s like you do not want to have 10 responsibilities at once, but you still want to be involved in the process.

Dustin: I mean, it’s cool to do and I think that every bad should do it for their first record just to learn their sound and how they want it do be produced. That way when they go to be produced for their next record, they know exactly what want and need since they’ve done it before.

Adam: Right now we’re sort of in a transition. We are doing an acoustic kind of thing and the band kind of thing, but we want to pursue both. We’ve been releasing a lot of live acoustic videos around Nashville. We just released our first official music video for Blur, the acoustic version. It’s on our new EP, which is just called Our Vintage Film: EP. So, we have the full abound version and an acoustic version. We started as an acoustic act at first in 2010 and we’ve come back full circle with it.

Given your name and that, from your website, you want your sound to affect the listeners “as if (their) greatest memories were being played back on a vintage 8mm camera,” are you influenced by film and cinema when writing?

Adam: I don’t think it’s more about the specifics. It’s about the feeling of your memories coming back to you like an 8mm camera. We’ve kind of seen in people’s designs and art that we kind of come back to that.

So, the way that cinema makes you feel- you want that feeling in your sound to reflect onto your listeners?

Adam: Yeah. When we started, we came up with the name because we’re using reverse instruments, which reminds us of rewinding a tape. Like reverse piano and guitar here and there.

Dustin: The brand of that idea is so you can recall old memories or parties that you’ve had and times with your fans that you’ve had. You’re playing it back like vintage film and we want to reflect that feeling of nostalgia.

Adam: That what we go for when we talk about Our Vintage Film.


Adam Swink is the lead singer, guitarist and pianist with Dustin Reese on backup vocals and lead guitar.


Our Vintage Film’s music, website, Facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube.


Our Vintage Film’s top tracks below!

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