FMMF Day 1: Exclusive Interview with Northern Whale

Youngstown natives from the homeland of Ohio, The Indie Sound was lucky enough to sit and talk with the four friend band, Northern Whale.

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(PC: Emma Wurst)

How do you think your set went?

Jake C: Yeah, the set was amazing. We’ve played the House of Blues in Cleveland a couple of times. Being outdoors and stuff was really cool. It was super loud and super bass bumpin’. It was great!

Scott: This was wonderful!

Have you done a lot of interviews before or is the interview process relatively new to you?

Jake C: We’ve done a couple of interviews before, but it’s still pretty new. They’re not really a regular thing.

Have you played in bigger/fest setting before? Do you prefer a larger setting or a more intimate venue?

Scott: I kind of prefer whatever gets people here. In this setting, we had a pretty good crowd turn out. But then when we played at the House of Blues, it was pretty good and it was a tighter space. It felt like everyone was was closer and everyone was dancing and it had very high energy. So, really which ever one we can have people dance in and enjoy music is the best one for me.

With the cover of “Quesadilla” by Walk the Moon, do you try to incorporate your own sound in any way to keep it unique for your fans, but still have some of the original sound to appeal to Walk the Moon fans?

Jake C: I completely and directly influenced by Walk the Moon. I tried out their stage plot with the dual keyboards amongst other things. I, myself, and directly influenced by Walk the Moon and it rubs off on our sound and our style. I think that the covers are an ear catching kind of thing with people. If we’re in a place as musically diverse as columbus, and they hear “Shiver, Shiver” or “Quesadilla,” they’re going to be like, “Holy crap! That’s a song that’s not really popular, but it’s really good and I like it.” It’ll draw them over to where we are.

Jake (Capezzuto) said he is directly influenced by Walk the Moon himself. So what are other bands that influence you guys as individual musicians?

Brandon: I like the 1975 a lot, so I am very influenced by them.

Scott: I’m pretty much influenced by Twenty One Pilots. I love them. They’re directly out of Columbus, too. Ohio is on the rise- hopefully we’re next.

Jake S: I’m usually the odd one out. am mostly influenced by Cure, Interpol the Pixies and the Vaccines. The Pixies are the best.
What are you guys up to now? Are you in college, working or solely focusing on the band?

Jake C: Right now, we are all in college. Three out of the four of us are sophomores. Scott is the baby- he’s a freshman. We are taking the band seriously, but music is not a guarantee. It’s a very “off-the-beaten-path” career lane. We are very focused on school and establishing a legitimate career, but at the same time we do want to try to take this as far as we can possibly take this. We do have a great time doing it and some people like us, so that’s good enough for us!

You formed the band when you were pretty young- a time in someone’s life where there is a lot of free time to focus on a bands. How have you guys grown and made the band work now that you’re adults with more responsibilities and college?

Jake C: We started this when we were in sixth grade and we just thought it was something we could do. Not a lot of people were picking up guitars and playing songs, but it was something that we really enjoyed and loved. Making songs was just something nobody else was doing. We thought it was cool to play in front of a bunch of people and they would clap for us after a song. We were very simple and though it was awesome. We have a lot more responsibilities now, but we are still trying to make it work out.


(PC: Kris Perez)

Jake Capezzuto is the lead singer of Northern Whale with Brandon Fisher on drums, Scott Davis on lead guitar and Jake Stephens on bass. The members of the band are able to attack multiple instruments as they tackle multiple responsibilities such as college and the work that follows. Jake Capezzuto, Brandon Fisher and Scott Davis all attend Youngstown State and Jake Stephens attends Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).


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Northern Whale’s first album Flawed + Free.

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  1. I saw them on the Jager Stage. They were very good, better than I expected. The organizers should have put them on a bigger stage. They deserved it!

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