FMMF 2016: Day 1 – Q&A with Captiva

Captiva made their second appearance in Columbus on the first day of Fashion Meets Music Festival. Their set, filled with tracks from all over the spectrum, including a lively cover of M.I.A’s  “Paper Planes,” took me back to the smooth ‘90s reggae vibes of Sublime.

PC: Elle Grace Photography
PC: Elle Grace Photography

Before closing out their set, the Kansas City band played a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name.” A song that one would definitely not expect to see on the list of songs the band would play.

Despite a 13-hour drive following Backwoods Music Festival the night before, Captiva killed their set on the iHeartRadio Stage. The Indie Sound had the opportunity to catch-up with the young musicians after their set to talk about new music, the choice to play M.I.A and Rage Against the Machine and more.

The Indie Sound: You guys told me about Backwoods Music Fest and about driving 13 hours … how was Backwoods and how was it playing with that kind of lineup? On top of all that, how are you guys holding up?

Pat: Backwoods was a blast! It was our second year there so it was a lot of fun … the festival has grown into more of an EDM festival so as far as instrumental bands go it’s kind of slim. We had a pretty decent crowd out and we played at a different venue than we did last year in the ranch.

JJ: It’s usually more the bands during the day and the DJs at night. It’s always really fun, we got to stay an extra day last year so we got to camp out and stuff and that was our first time camping out ever. And our first festival ever, so it was a really profound experience. I’m a huge EDM fan so I love it.

TIS: Who was your favorite act?

JJ: Washed Out. He was one of my favorites.

TIS: Washed Out was there?

JJ: He gave me a high five while he was performing. It was sick.

Pat: Yeah, he was there last year, too.

JJ: We both got on stage and gave him a high five.

Pat: It was so cool.

Nick: Can I give a shout out real quick?

TIS: Sure!

Nick: Shout out to SunSquabi. If you ever read this, we didn’t catch your set last night but we really wanted to. You guys are fucking dope.

Pat: Word.

PC: Elle Grace Photography
PC: Elle Grace Photography

TIS: What’s it like being back in Columbus and back at FMMF?

Pat: It’s good man! We’re happy to be back.

JJ: Honestly, the weather I didn’t think it could be better this year but it’s better this year.

Hank: Columbus always shows us a ton of love every time we come in. No body every comes up and talks to us or anything like we’re losers. They don’t come up and talk to me, but they’re really nice.

Nick: Ditto.

TIS: I know you guys are excited for DJ Khaled, but who else were you guys aiming for?

Pat: I’m really pumped to see BØRNS. I think BØRNS is going to be dope. Matt & Kim will be cool.

Hank: If we were staying tomorrow I’d want to see Adventure Club.

JJ: The main one I wanted to see was Adventure Club.

Pat: But at least we get to see BORNS, and Bebe Rexha.

TIS: So I noticed during the set you guys played some new stuff. 

JJ: Yeah, we played our EP. We were finishing up our EP up this time last year. It came out in December.

Pat: The songs from our EP were new to this venue.

JJ: We’re working on a nine-song album which should be out around December. We played one of them … that’s gonna be our single.

TIS: What made you guys pick songs from M.I.A. and Rage Against The Machine as covers?

Pat: Well Rage Against the Machine … you can’t get a better encore/last song of the set. Like, go out with a huge bang and it’s kind of uncharacteristic of us it seems like. People are like, “Oh shit, they’re about to throw down Rage Against The Machine!” and then we do it and I think we do it pretty well and everyone loves it. It’s a lot of hype to go out with.

JJ: We love Rage Against the Machine. They’re a huge inspiration, but also that song … after you hear some soft stuff of ours and that comes on … with the sound it catches people off guard and its so loud. That’s what’s going to make people remember us, that crazy last one.

Pat: And M.I.A … it’s like a hip-hop song and we have hip-hop roots so we like to put some hip-hop out there as well.

TIS: Favorite Hip-Hop Album of the Year then?

PC: Elle Grace Photography
PC: Elle Grace Photography

JJ: I really like Chance the Rapper’s new record. Drake’s obviously was great.

Hank: Schoolboy Q. “Dope Dealer” is my jam. I’m a dope dealer so I relate (laughs)

JJ: Oh and check out Jazz Cartier. He’s amazing. He’s one of my new favorite rappers.

Nick: Kendrick’s record. The one that they put out after To Pimp A Buttlerfly.

TIS: untitled. unmastered.?

Nick: Yeah, I thought that was cool as fuck.

TIS: You guys should cover “levitate” next time.

Pat: We should.

TIS: With this upcoming album are you guys trying some new stuff or are you guys staying along the same lines?

Pat: We have a pretty consistent theme on this album. We’re just  kin of going with the flow.

JJ: Yeah, we’ve had these songs written for a while and there’s a lot of songs that sound very different from each other but there’s a lot that sound the same. I think it’s just me and Pat coming in and collaborating with each other on what songs fit together the most, and then we bring it to them [Hank & Nick] and they bring their own little spice to it. It all eventually comes together, that’s how our EP went. We all have to be in it together ’cause it can’t just be my song or Pat’s song or one of their songs.

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