Father John Misty officially releases “Real Love Baby”

Father John Misty’s Soundcloud page is a wonderful place where fans can listen to “rejected” Pandora promos, clips of Misty answering questions live about sex and recently, a new song.

PC: The Odyssey
PC: The Odyssey

Tillman officially released “Real Love Baby,” after initially uploading it to Soundcloud in May, to all streaming services and digital markets.

The singer-songwriter has been in the headlines lately over having what he called a “meltdown” on stage during a performance in Philadelphia, but “Real Love Baby,” his latest release, takes the listener on the path of euphoric bliss with a side of ’80s nostalgia.

“Real Love Baby,” according to Tillman himself, will not be on his third studio album stating that the track is “just a thing” in a tweet back in May.

As hinted in said tweet, the song is, in a sense, a summer song. The slow, relaxing vibes grab hold of the listener the minute Misty begins crooning the lyrics. And behind these lyrics isn’t some deep commentary on life or the state of love in our present society. This time, the song is a feel-good track about love and being with the one you love.

There’s nothing deep about that (or is there?)

“Real Love Baby” features Thomas Brenneck of the New York-based instrumental band The Budos Band on the guitar, or as Father John Misty puts it, the “guit.”

The confirmation that “Real Love Baby” wouldn’t be on FJM’s next studio album is both a blessing and a curse, and to be completely honest, I don’t know what to expect on the musician’s third record. Can it live up to the expectations of last year’s spectacular I Love You, Honeybear?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can stream “Real Love Baby” below on Spotify. You can also stream FJM’s albums as well.

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