FMMF – Day 2: Exclusive Interview with Captiva

Captiva is funk/indie rock band hailing from Kansas City, Missouri.  Their goal is to leave the audience buzzed on the high of their music.   The Indie Sound had the pleasure of interviewing them on Day 2 of Columbus, Ohio’s Fashion Meets Music Festival.

From left to right, Jackson, Nick, Patrick, and Hank.
From left to right, Jackson, Nick, Patrick, and Hank.

How do you guys think you and your sound have matured since the release of your first EP?


Hank: I think musically we started to understand each other a lot better, like with practices and playing a lot of shows

Patrick: Our chemistry has gotten a lot better.

Hank: Extensive performing has really brought our music to a different level.

Nick: We also broadened our musical horizons, we listen to a lot more now and we draw from everything.


What artists would you say you’ve been really impressed with recently?


Jackson: Twenty One Pilots, obviously.  They’re like my favorite band of a couple years.

Nick: Tame Impala, I’m a long time dead fan too so The Grateful Dead.  Also, Mac DeMarco, things like that.

Jackson: We just got into Foxygen.


How would you describe your band in three words?


Jackson: Let’s get funky.

Hank: That was stupid.

Jackson: Eff you, Hank.


You guys are a relatively new band, were you expecting to make it to the likes of SXSW?


Hank: No, not really our first show was in an Irish pub to like fifteen people.  To be doing this stuff is a huge step up.

Patrick: We’re super excited to just be traveling, we never really thought we would be able to travel.


We know you guys are from Kansas City, is there a big music scene there?


Patrick: It’s growing.

Jackson: We’re pretty big fans of the local music scene around there.  There’s like two or three bands I would put in my top fifteen that are in Kansas City or were from and branched out.

Nick: We’re also into a lot of local Nashville bands like Sol Cat and The Lonely Biscuits.  Those guys are cool dudes.


Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics?


Patrick: Experiences, relationships with people, stress. That’s where the most passion comes from.  Our songs aren’t so much story telling songs, they’re more like personal journal entry songs.

Jackson: It’s pretty much just me and him, we’ll switch off.


We read that you guys met in detention, would you care to elaborate on that?


Jackson: He (Hank) got me into detention!

Patrick: And me and Jackson had already started working on stuff a little bit and we needed a drummer so we started talking about it and next thing you know he came over one night and now we’re here.

Jackson: That’s where our song “Buzzed Like Bees” got mapped out for the first time, at that first practice.  And then we found Nick.

Nick: I was in a cover band that opened for them and I saw these guys and I was just blown away.  Their stage presence, the charisma of their songs and then last year, they asked me to join.


Your slogan is “Stay Buzzed”, is there a deeper meaning or is this self-explanatory?


Hank: It plays off the whole “Buzzed Like Bees” thing.

Jackson: It’s not so much like some people think it’s a drug reference it’s more about like staying buzzed about whatever is around you.

Hank: Music is a natural high and we want to give that to you.


What do you guys want the audience to take away from your performance?


Patrick: I want people to dance, that’s always the best.

Jackson: We really want to get them involved.

Hank: I want them to take our music back to wherever they’re from and spread it around.


What are your long-term goals as a band?


Jackson: First and foremost, get this new EP out.

Patrick: We have to get in the studio soon.

Nick: Bonnaroo. I mean eventually that would be cool.


As a fairly new band what tips would you give to other bands just starting out?


Patrick: Take any show you get, it might be a small show but like Hank is always saying, every show matters.

Jackson: Every show is a stepping stone, no matter how many people are there, it is always at least practice.

Hank: Be patient and humble. A lot of bands, especially younger kids, think that this isn’t really working out for them but that’s not really the case like it’s taken us a year and a half to get here.  You really got to put in the work and it has to be something that’s more than a hobby if you’re really serious about it.

Nick: Find your sound, don’t try to sound like someone else.  Find your sound and just let it out and work with it.


What tools do you guys plan to use to reach a wider audience?


Hank: Power tools.

Patrick: Obviously the internet is a pretty big tool for us with streaming sites.

Nick: Word of mouth is always great too.  If your friends recommend a band to you, you’re more likely to check it out.

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Jackson Ries plays guitar and provides lead vocals, Nick Riffle plays bass, Patrick McQuaid provides back up vocals and plays lead guitar, and Hank Wiedel plays drums.


Captiva’s websiteFacebookTwitter, InstagramYouTube, and Soundcloud.

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  1. I heard this band for the first time at Music Meets Fashion Show in Columbus, Ohio. Their sound is awesome! Even though I didn’t know any of the songs, because their music is original, their songs had a great beat and smooth sound. Very good stage presence also. I would love to listen to this band again.

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