DREAMERS talk their 5 favorite places in Columbus; touring behind new record

New York-based DREAMERS, known for songs like “Sweet Disaster” and “Wolves (You Got Me),” have been touring the U.S. in support of their debut record This Album Does Not Exist. 

PC: Justin Wilczynski
PC: Justin Wilczynski

But of the many venues and cities the band has passed through, Columbus, Ohio has always hit a sweet spot.

One of the band’s first shows in the capital city was at Brothers Drake Meadery, so I decided to ask the band to list their top five favorite place in Columbus. Here’s what they said:

Brothers Drake Meadery

PC: Honda Tech
PC: Honda Tech

The Meadery is the first place we ever played in Columbus. We were always given a warm welcome by the one and only April Kulcsar, who gave us our first intro in to the great and legendary city of Columbus.  

The Basement

PC: Promowest Live
PC: Promowest Live

The Basement is our current favorite place to play. It has the most excellent punk rock club vibe, a great sound system, and is always a great time.  

Skully’s Music Diner

PC: Eventjoy
PC: Eventjoy

Since most of our time in Cbus in spent in music venues (naturally), we have to shout out another great one.  Probably the nicest stage we’ve played in town, and it has the best location.  

Oddfellows Liquor Bar

PC: Columbus Alive
PC: Columbus Alive

After a play at one of the aforementioned venues, you’ll probably find us stumbling into Oddfellows, getting late night slices, and mingling with the good people of the night.

Dick’s Den Jazz Bar

PC: Flickr
PC: Flickr

When we’re ambitious we’ll end up at this coolest of dives off the beaten track. Columbus always strikes us as being full of good people who appreciate good music, and we get excited every time we get a show there.

I also had the opportunity to talk to DREAMERS’ front man Nick Wold about what the band has been up to so far, and how they feel about the release of their new record.

The Indie Sound: I saw you guys mentioned that Brothers Drake Meadery was the first place you guys ever played in Columbus, so comparing that show to shows you play now, how would you describe the growth of the band since then?

Nick Wold: There’s definitely been a lot of growth. Ever since the beginning we’ve noticed that Columbus is a great music town and people seem to really appreciate music there. It’s always been one of the better stops for us. Now, there’s a lot more excitement and a lot more people coming out and knowing our songs, which is great to see. We’re stoked. We’ve opened for some pretty good bands there and it just gets better and better.

TIS: What was that first show like?

NW: I remember it was not a bad night, it was a Saturday night. There were a couple of people out. That place has its own kind of draw and the show was put on by our friend April who is a big supporter and she does rad stuff. She managed to turn it out … she used to be the in-house booker of that place, I don’t think she does anymore, but yeah, we often crash with her and that’s kind of where our whole Columbus life started.

TIS: Last time I talked to you guys it was at the Zella Day show before the release of your debut record This Album Does Not Exist. What have you guys been up to since the release? I know you got pretty good reception from fans so, what has it been like?

NW: It’s been really good, man. We’ve just been touring non-stop pretty much since then. We’ll get one week off in between month tours just circling the U.S. and going to radio stations and doing our thing. It’s awesome to see people starting to notice our new songs like “Sweet Disaster.” We’ve been touring with these songs for a little bit, but now that they’re out people kind of know them and it’s a little more exciting.

TIS: I saw a while back that you guys got your car broken into?

NW: Yeah, we did. It was the Fourth of July and our van … we left it for less than an hour, broad daylight, in L.A. and we got busted into and lost a lot of stuff. Fortunately, we were insured. We were able to replace it. Some fans started a GoFundMe which paid for our deductible which was amazing. We realized that for every shitty person there’s a hundred awesome ones. We got lots of love. Now, we’re extra careful … and paranoid. We actually got robbed last year in Columbus. We didn’t have much [in the van] but we lost a bass and a crappy guitar of mine. The Columbus police found the bass a year later and sent it to us, which we didn’t expect.

TIS: In good condition?

NW: It played perfectly, yeah. It looked like it had been left outside or something, it was a bit rusty, but I think our bass player Nelson likes it because it looks cooler now. So all’s well that ends well.

TIS: You guys have been touring non-stop … does that ever get tiring? Do you get to enjoy the cities you guys play?

NW: It is really tiring … we definitely pour out everything on stage and loading and driving … you get get kind of jet-lagged, but we compare it to other jobs that we’re glad we don’t have and that keeps us going and it’s not so bad. I think we’re really getting into the groove of it. Sometimes we’re in and out of towns and we don’t get a chance to do much, but we get just enough time to do rad things as well. These past five days I’ve had nothing to do but drive from L.A. to New York so we got to stop in Chicago and hang out … we’re stopping in New York tomorrow. We sneak in little times to experience life, you know?

TIS: What have you guys been jamming out to lately? There have been some great records to come out in the past year so, what’s your input?

NW: We’ve been finding some good stuff. Our friends from Brooklyn, Highly Suspect, just came out with a new song. I’m obsessed with “Little One.” We love Zella Day’s new song and that was our favorite, particularly Jacob’s favorite song from their set. She just put it out a couple of days ago, it’s called “Man On the Moon,” super dope. I just discovered this british guy, Benjamin Clementine, he’s like a poet and a musician. He dropped this song called “I Won’t Complain,” super awesome. New Radiohead. We love Radiohead.

TIS: How does it feel to have that record out? After putting all that work into something like that, how does it feel to finally be touring and performing these songs and are you guys working on anything else?

NW: It felt really great … we’ve been sitting on these songs for what felt like a really long time and we were super ready to release it. That was accompanied with that feeling of, “Oh, shit. What now? We gotta start writing again” so we’re kind of gearing up for album two. It’s all exciting, it all feels like progress and that’s the most important thing to us.

DREAMERS will be hitting the stage with Great Good Fine OK in Columbus on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at The Basement, don’t miss ’em.

You can check out The Album Does Not Exist below.

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