Diverse Ear: Charlotte Cardin Goes From Reality to Real

Charlotte Cardin, “Main Girl”, Cult Nation/Atlantic Records

Charlotte Cardin

Genre: Alt-Pop

If you like: Amy Winehouse, No Doubt, Joss Stone

Canadian-born Charlotte Cardin’s voice is pure gold. One of the clearest distinct jazz voices I have heard in a long time. It’s got that right amount of indie twang (not overdoing it),  but it also has so much soul to it.

Her words cut right to the heart because she sings with conviction. I have really enjoyed diving into her very limited discography, and learning about her as an artist.

Cardin is very new to the industry. After a successful stint on the Canadian version of the hit show, “The Voice” titled “La Voix”, she placed in the Top 4.

According to an interview with exclaim.ca, Cardin received offers from multiple labels, but they were not interested in her original music so she declined.

She took a short break, as she was a little overwhelmed by all the buzz after the show ended. Cardin felt that fans fell in love with the artist she was portrayed as on the show, and that they were completely ignorant to who she actually was.

She set out to change that.

Cardin took advantage of the hiatus to hone in on her musical style. She locked down a deal with Canadian label, Cult Nation, soon after she began releasing her original music.

Her latest single, “Main Girl” is a song about the frustration that comes with being the side-chick in a love triangle. The song has a jazziness to it, but it’s also got a reggae groove, pretty cool combo. It’s super catchy, and I can see why Cardin prides herself in her original music.

Don’t leave me hangin’ on, you misunderstood me all along/All risk and no gain, and I’m a fool to love the pain/Don’t leave me hangin’ on, you mis- misunderstood me all along/A fool to love you, a fool to love you/I’m a fool to love the pain.

“Main Girl” is the title track of her new EP containing six songs. Cardin already has an established modeling career, but really has something special, and I look forward to following her music career.

Now I’m just a pretty face, who can help you/Just a pretty face, who can help you/Get your shit together at your own pace.

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