The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From The Eisenhauers & Jillian Jacqueline

The Eisenhauers, “Don’t Lose Me,” Black Hen Music

The Eisenhauers

“Don’t Lose Me” is the new single off of The Eisenhauers new album The Road We Once Knew. The Canadian folk duo who also happen to be husband and wife have crafted a beautiful authentic acoustic masterpiece.

According to The Eisenhauers’ website, the album is at heart, a meditation on change that explores the dynamics of escaping from the city and moving to the country. That directly reflects in the lyrics of “Don’t Lose Me”,

I wanna live some place where somebody can know my name/Not like in the city where my family came/I wanna make me a living/In what I know and love/I’ll be kind to my neighbors/And reap the seeds I sew.

When I first heard the song i was taken by the simple yet powerful melody lines, then the instrumentation caught my attention also. I believe the song is about knowing when to, disconnect, from it all, and I think that’s something we all need to learn how to do.

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Jillian Jacqueline, “God Bless This Mess,” Big Loud Records

Jillian Jacqueline

Jillian Jacqueline delivers an anthem for our generation with her new single, “God Bless This Mess.”

The song was listed under the country category, but it strikes me as pop. Jacqueline sings about being young and aimless in this mid-tempo ballad. The song has some very clever yet relatable lines.

Here’s to the brokens/The misfits and wannabes/The part of you that’s just like me/The wildflowers and holier than thou’s/The diamonds that are never gonna leave the rough/The rolling stones that are always stuck/The all nighter’s and the lost I’ve never found.

The song encourages listeners to be OK with not being OK. Life is a process, and you can’t go through it comparing your progress with someone else’s. We are all on a unique journey.

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