The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From R I T U A L, Matt Maeson

R I T U A L , “Wouldn’t Be Love”, Island Records

r i t u a l

Genre: Alternative R&B

If you like: Oh Wonder, Broods, and LANY

This track gave me an eargasm this week, and I haven’t been the same since.

The London-based band has been in the shadows since 2014, releasing music without revealing their identities, but they are stepping out of the shadows according to Island Records.

The track is very stripped down, as it is the acoustic version of the more produced release. To be honest, I enjoy the acoustic version more.

The song begins with some reverby piano that is later accompanied by some strings and synth bells. A haunting male vocal starts off the song and halfway through a female vocals join in harmony. The two voices blend together so seamlessly.

The song is about the aspect of love that is not fantasized about, the hurt, and how you can’t have love without it. I think that it’s easy to say that if you ever experience love in life, you will also experience some type of pain associated with it, but isn’t that what makes it worth it? The ups and downs of it all.

R I T U A L summarizes this so beautifully.

It wouldn’t be love if it didn’t hurt nobody/Love if it didn’t crush you/Wouldn’t be love if it didn’t leave you lonely/Love, it wouldn’t be.

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Matt Maeson, “Cringe”, Atlantic Records

Matt Maeson

Genre: Alternative Pop

If you like: Mumford and Sons, X Ambassadors, and Twenty One Pilots

Have you ever been in a relationship and it just gets to point where you feel as if you don’t even know your significant other anymore? Like they make you sick? Or “Cringe? Well that’s what this song is about.

“Cringe” is the single off of Maeson’s EP titled Who Killed Matt Maeson.

According to his website, Maeson headlined his first tour, presented by Communion, an artist led organization founded by popular music act, Mumford and Sons.

The EP is comprised of grunge alternative pop hits, and “Cringe” was a great choice for a first single. The track is very hard-hitting, and gutsy, with bombastic drums, and electrifying guitar giving it life.

The melody lines are smooth and easy to remember. The track is very well constructed. I enjoy the bridge the most.

It’s almost as if Maeson is taunting his lover asking her “Do I make you cringe?”. The EP is amazing and I would recommend checking out the entire project.

She said I’m looking like a bad man/Smooth criminal/She said my spirit doesn’t move like it did before/She said that I don’t look like me no more no more/I said I’m just tired/She said you’re just tired.

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