The Diverse Ear: JP Cooper’s “She’s On My Mind” Won’t Leave Yours

JP Cooper – “She’s On My Mind” – Island Records


Can I say holy hit? I discovered this bop courtesy of Apple Music’s Singer Songwriter Hot Tracks, and let’s say it’s been “on my mind” ever since!

“She’s On My Mind” is one of the tracks off of Cooper’s upcoming Raised Under Grey Skies LP. If his album is anything like this track, he could very well be a breakout artist of 2017.

I’ve seen a lot of pretty faces/Ain’t nobody like you/And I’ve never had a love like/The one we knew/Tell me why I had to play the clown/Always messing around/Can’t stop thinking how I let you down, down, down.

The song is about addicting love and infatuation. Cooper sings about letting his gal down and how he can’t get her off of his mind, and how he wants her back.

“I can’t sleep at night if she ain’t by my side.”

You can’t listen to this song without hearing an influence of  the Ed Sheeran Divide era, but it is very much unique in its own right.

Cooper’s voice may sound familiar as he was featured on the recent dance hit “Perfect Strangers” by Jonas Blue which topped the Billboard Dance Clubs Tracks chart at number 1.

The musicality is very tasteful with hip hop drums, booming bass, and Spanish piano and guitar.

Keep an eye out for JP Cooper, Raised Under Grey Skies is due 9/22 on Island Records!

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