The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From Russell Dickerson and Grace Vanderwaal

Russell Dickerson, “Yours”, Triple Tigers

Russell Dickerson

I heard this song a few weeks ago on an episode of The Bachelorette (ABC), my guilty pleasure, and I immediately went to search for it and discovered it was the single off of Dickerson’s upcoming album, Yours.

The song is simply country gold, by all Nashville songwriting standards. Meaningful lyrics that tell the story of falling in love, and giving up the sometimes unfulfilling bachelor lifestyle.

I was a boat stuck in a bottle, That never got the chance to touch the sea, just forgot on the shelf, no wind in the sails, going nowhere with no one but me.

The instrumentation is solid, and right in the pocket. Dickerson could very well be the next rising star in country music if he continues to put out hits like “Yours”. I could very well see him touring with the likes of country superstars like Luke Bryan, and Dierks Bentley considering their similar sound.

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Grace Vanderwaal, “Moonlight”, Simco Limited

Grace Vanderwaal

You might know Grace Vanderwaal as the girl who didn’t know her name, well she sure does now. Vanderwaal took home the trophy on the previous season the hit show, America’s Got Talent (NBC).

Playing a ukulele, she sung original songs every week that reflected her tween life, she released some of those songs on an EP titled Perfectly Imperfect under Simon Cowell’s label. Recently she released something a little bit different.

The song, “Moonlight”, is the perfect summer jam. It reflects Vanderwaal’s musical maturity that she has undergone since her release last year. Vanderwaal sings about remembering a summer crush.

Remember last year when you told me, to always stay here and never leave me, the light from your eyes made it feel like, we were dancing in the moonlight.

This is a song that me as a 20 year old guy can jam to and not feel like a middle schooler. The production is fun and light. I look forward to seeing Grace grow and mature as an artist.

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