The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From Gaby Borromeo, Scott Middough and Felicia Temple

Gaby Borromeo, “Nothing To Lose”, King & Crux

Gaby Borromeo

Can I say holy production? This producer gets all my awards. The entire song is a total eargasm to any audiophile like myself. From beginning to end you’re placed into a steamy, risky, heat of the moment love encounter.

The intro is so cinematic, it immediately makes me feel like I’m in a high stakes street race on the streets of Miami. The song has everything to be a hit pop song according to today’s market; sexy, sultry vocals, hot beat, relatable lyrics, and building synths. It reminds me a bit of R&B/Pop songstress, Tinashe.

To me, the song seems to be about deciding to go after a love interest, even though it’s risky.

Some nights, I take a ride, speed pass lights, I have nothing to lose. I don’t care if you got plans, I need you now, I have nothing to lose.

Sometimes you just have to dive into love, because you will never know what could be if you don’t, and I think that’s what Borromeo tries to convey in the song. The song is very daring, with lyrics to match. With hits like this, Borromeo will be topping the charts in no time.

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Scott Middough, “Playing With Fire”

Scott Middough

“Playing With Fire”, the single off of Scott Middough’s newly released EP, Intent, is beautiful music to the acoustic chill ear.

If I had to compare his voice to someone it would be that of Jon Bellion, a very smooth, soulful, pop vibe. The song begins with a series of layered Oo’s and electric guitar.  “Why are we playing these games, thought we were over that years ago?”.

The song is a direct letter addressed to an and off love. In the song Middough addresses the fact that their back and forth is like playing with fire:

Say what you mean, pour it out and let it be, oh you’re playing with fire. I see you watching me, don’t pretend to be naive, oh you’re playing with fire.

When the drums come in, and the instrumentation comes full circle, it has a The Script feeling to it, and if you listen, you will know exactly what I mean. The song is so solid. I can already tell that I will be jamming to this one for a while.

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Felicia Temple, “Falling In Love Again”

Felicia Temple

Felicia Temple delivers a stunning ballad performance with “Falling In Love Again”, one of the tracks off of her new project, titled The Balancing Act EP released June 23.

The song is about falling hard into pure love after being guarded for so long. Temple sings about finding the one, and expresses her love with this powerful lyric,

I look at you and I see God, and I’m falling in love again.

According to Temple, the entire EP was tracked with a live band, and you can definitely tell, it has such a real feel. Temple pairs jazzy vocals with a stripped down instrumentation, which yields a raw, emotional experience. I listened through The Balancing Act and it is a truly exceptional project.

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