The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From Lucie Silvas, Junius Meyvant and Jon Bryant

Lucie Silvas, “Just For The Record”, Furthestpoint Records

Lucie Silvas, English born Singer-Songwriter, is shaking up Nashville with her soulful tunes.

Over the weekend I saw that she was playing a showcase at CMA fest with another Nashville favorite of mine, Carly Pearce, so I decided to check out her newest release, Just For The Record.

Let me start by saying I got instant Norah Jones vibes from the beginning piano and vocal. Silvas’ voice is accompanied by piano, slide guitar, and strings. Everything is perfectly placed.

Silvas’ voice is honest and smooth, yet edgy.

Say it was all a cloud of smoke, and say it was nothing but a joke, everything that you say about me is true, but just for the record I really loved you.

She does something very uncommon in this break up song … she admits that she was wrong. “Maybe I left so many things unspoken, maybe I lied about where I was going, and I don’t, blame you for the fact that you blame me, and I won’t hate you if you wanna forget me”.

In the song she apologizes for her downfalls in the relationship, and even though she knows it is irreconcilable, she wants to make it clear to her ex that she truly loved him.

I think this happens a lot in love, where people mess up, and even though from the outside looking in it may seem as though there could be absolutely no love and compassion there, sometimes there is.

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Junius Meyvant, “Mr. Minister Great”, Record Records

This intro is just the best.

“Mr. Minister Great” is in my weekly shuffle and every time the intro comes on my musical ears perk up. Meyvant reminds me of the soulful legend Al Green in this feel good record. The production rides nicely, and the song is very patient.

I am going to be honest, the songs message is a bit confusing to me, but I’m sure the message will come to me through more listening.

Besides not totally understanding what the song is about, there is one thing I feel from it: hope.

The chorus rings, “Alright, alright, it’s gonna be”. I truly feel while listening to this song, that everything is going to be OK. It puts a smile on my face.

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Jon Bryant, “Light”, Jon Bryant under exclusive license to Nettwerk Music Group Inc.

Jon Bryant, in my opinion, has the potential to be the next big thing in pop/rock. This song is for the ears of the Gods! I have been listening to this tune for the past month, and it just has that unexplainable awestruck feeling to it.

The song begins with a gutsy electrifying guitar intro as Bryant enters.

I was just a wandering soul, working through the highs and lows, I heard a spirit whisper slow, drift into a great unknown, will anybody see my ghost.

From the lyrics I sense that Bryant is talking about pressure and depression, “Oooo, I can see the light, Oooo, So let me off at the end of the night, because all my friends are giving up, and I’ve had enough, Oooo, I can feel the weight of a thousand eyes on me”.

Bryant’s falsetto paired with massive reverb on the track produces a very eerie feel in the song, yet it’s so captivating.

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