The Diverse Ear: Stand-Out Tracks From Sigrid, Bedouine and Joel Taylor

Sigrid, “Dynamite”, Island Records

I had been seeing the name Sigrid around a lot of my playlists and had even seen some ads that had her name on it, but for some reason something would not let me listen to whoever this Sigrid was.

Looking back I think it was because the single that was being promoted was titled “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, and it seemed like a very generic title, and it turned me off from wanting to listen to her, until I came across a track titled “Dynamite”. Let me just say, it was DYNAMITE!

I could not have predicted what my ears were about to encounter. The song has nothing but a grand piano, and one track vocal, but it is so powerful. Sigrid’s voice shoots straight to the heart, similar to Adele’s, in my opinion.

Listening to the song, I took away a story of heartbreak due to irreconcilable differences,

I wish we had a common view, you see my red as blue, I don’t belong in your universe, for better or for worse.

I have probably listened to this song more than 90 times now, and I don’t plan on stopping. In addition to this heart-wrenching ballad, she also has some bop’s on the Don’t Kill My Vibe EP like, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, which I blast on max volume in my car on Friday nights because it gets me, as the kids say, turnt.

Hard to say that I’m bolder. You get home, but I’m on my way out now. Not the same destination, I will stay when you get off the train. You’re as safe as a mountain, but know that I am dynamite.

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Bedouine, “One of These Days”, Spacebomb Records

The term Bedouin defines a group of Arab desert roaming nomads, so that would explain why “One of These Days” by Syrian-born Bedouine makes me want to aimlessly roam in the desert listening to this song on repeat.

This song is so easy. Bedouine is not hitting soaring notes, the music is very subtle, and the melody and lyrics are very simple, but it gives off that classic vibe. I’m sure it would sound amazing on vinyl.

The song tells the story of a two people who clearly love each other, but for some reason they just keep running into the same issue that they can’t seem to get past,

One of these days our love ignites, we’re gonna get it and get it right, one of these days.

I think this is a common issue in every relationship, there’s always that one underlying thing. There is a sense of hope in the song. Bedouine sings about getting it right, one of these days. I followed Bedouine on Instagram (@bedouinemusic), and I was surprised at how small of a following she has.

In one of her posts she talks about how the song was a “byproduct of a good ol’ time.”

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Joel Taylor, “What Good Is Love”, Joel Taylor Music

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The song starts off with an Americana/ Bluegrass strum pattern, so I expected the song to go either way. You can tell from the descriptive lyrics that Taylor is going to tell a story,

The light beams in by the window where we used to sleep. The dust piled up on the books that we used to read. The cups stain the table from the coffee that we used to drink. I guess from now I’m gonna have to switch to tea.

I appreciate how he gets right into the meat of the song by immediately talking about his pain. Taylor tells the story of  lost love. He is devastated and is trying to make sense of what has happened,

Left you a long voicemail the other day. The mail’s building up you got bills to pay. I’d drive them to your house but you haven’t told me where you stay. Forever was a path baby, but you walked away.

That last lyric is especially good! You can sense from the song that he probably wasn’t the one that ended the relationship, and due to heartbreak, he has lost hope in love itself, “What good is love if you don’t love me? What good are my eyes if it’s you I don’t see? What kind of a man goes down so easy? What good is your love without me?”.

The song is not very produced at all, just Taylor and a guitar. I think that adds to the the raw feel of the song, which I appreciate.

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