Concert Review: ROMES // A&R Music Bar // 12.1.16

Amidst a week of excruciating tests and more of them on the horizon, I managed to find some time to head down to A&R Music Bar for the Rooney concert.

PC: The Guardian
PC: The Guardian

The first opening band, ROMES, released an EP this year titled Believe and man, was I hooked. I still am.

This EP is the best ‘first release’ I’ve ever heard and with the live sound it carries on the recording, I knew the band’s performance would be incredible.

The band walked on stage and opened with an unreleased track (possibly called “Can’t Get Enough”) with an very catchy melody. Their next two songs were also unreleased; “Deja Vu” had a sunshine-y guitar riff and a heavy bridge, while the third song featured a sick call and response with singer Jacob Alexander and the band.

“Spend the Night” was the first song that I properly knew, although the crowd may not
have. It had a slide guitar intro and a fantastic little bass solo tucked in.

“Tryna Be,” one of my top five favorite songs of the year, felt a little underwhelming live, with a lot of abrupt pauses. They played their biggest hit, “Believe,” second to last, and that got everyone grooving.

“When the Night Comes” was their grand finale, and it was one of the best performances I’ve seen in awhile. A smooth intro with cosmic, stadium sized guitar tones in the bridge, and a massive, drum pounding outro.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts these past few months, primarily for bands that I only casually like and listen to, and I felt a little burnt out.

ROMES was the first band since September to seriously get me back in the concert mood, and it was a fantastic way to kick off December. I cannot wait to hear more from these guys.

You can check out more of ROMES on Spotify and on their website.

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