Concert Review: Nick D’ & The Believers // A&R Music Bar // 9.16.16

On Friday night, the A&R Music Bar was equivalent to a sauna, and I was not dressed the part. It wasn’t enough to ruin the night though. Because I had caught up with Nick earlier in the week, and after listening to Crown on repeat since it dropped, I knew I had a lot to look forward to.

PC: Nick D' & The Believers
PC: Nick D’ & The Believers

Captain Kidd opened, and although I was previously underwhelmed with their live show, this concert was definitely an improvement. They opened with “Good Life,” a track from the 2015 EP of the same name.

The track sounded perfect for this time of year, and followed with “Closer,” a track with a very similar vibe. The Christmas lights in the background fit in perfectly with the twinkly, warm sound of their set. They covered “Electric Feel” by MGMT, and their biggest hit to date, “Freaky Love,” came towards the end of their set.

Nick D & The Believers came out clad in their natural gold state, and opened with the bluesy “Bad Man.” Nick was smiling and yelling all the way through, so you couldn’t help but join him. It was easy to be reminded of Nick Petricca of Walk the Moon throughout the whole set, with such incredible energy and clear love for playing music for a crowd.

PC: Nick D' & The Believers
PC: Nick D’ & The Believers

The band also did an extremely passionate cover of “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, possibly the most covered song in history, and then played their new single “Crown.” On the EP, both “Crown” and “Feels Magic” feature horn sections that play the big melody, but the live set didn’t include them, which was a little disappointing.

Another new track, “Room Starts Shaking” felt a little slow for some reason, but that didn’t stop lots of people from dancing. The band threw it back a little with tracks like “Never Gonna Give Up”, which featured lots of crowd clapping participation, and “French Delight,” a very rock n’ roll song from the band’s first EP.

The second to last song was a brand new song that they’ve only played live a few times called “Nina Simone,” featuring one of the best hooks I’ve heard from this group so far.

Nick D & The Believers will be touring for the next few days in select Ohio cities, Chicago, and Nashville.

Featured Image: Nick D’ & The Believers (at House of Blues)

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