Concert Review: The Naked and Famous // 11.7.16 // Newport Music Hall

Newport Music Hall opened its doors Monday (11/7) to host The Naked and Famous, accompanied by the brother/sister duo XYLØ and The Chain Gang of 1974. This tour is following the release of their one-month-old newest album, Simple Forms.

PC: Knox Road
PC: Knox Road

The Chain Gang of 1974 didn’t seem to be doing much for the crowd during their 30 minute set, until they played their most popular “Sleepwalking,” that seemed to finally get the fans energized.

As for XYLØ, I felt that they were able to connect and engage with the audience better. The fact that lead singer, Paige Duddy, was wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt may have given them a leg up, though.

Throughout their performance, I couldn’t help but continue to compare Paige with MØ. Coincidentally, they both have that slashed zero character that is used in some foreign languages in their stage names, but I they have similar performance qualities.

MØ is more spirited, as her music is more upbeat, but they both have a certain poise when performing that is very powerful and commands the attention of the audience.

I loved almost every minute of The Naked and Famous’ performance. I had not listened to much of their new album before the show, but I had it on repeat the next day. They played songs mostly from their new album in the set, but included a few of their most well known (“Young Blood,” of course) from the previous two, as well.


From beginning to end, the audience and myself were captivated by every aspect of the show. The vocals from Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers were excellent and had minimal mistakes. “Losing Our Control” off of Simple Forms was my favorite song from the set and exemplified the beauty of their voices and overall performance.

The remaining members of the band killed it, as well. However, the element that tied everything together for me was their light show. It was one of the best I’ve seen and gives the Arctic Monkeys‘ set I saw in Columbus in 2014 a run for its money.

The visual spectacle that the color and movement of the lights created combined with the music created a fascinating atmosphere. The culmination of The Naked and Famous’ vibe, talent, and artistic elements created an exceptional experience that I won’t soon forget.

You can check out a Q&A with bassist David Beadle hereYou can also stream Simple Forms below.

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