Concert Review: Maybird // CD102.5 Fall Fest // 9.24.16

Columbus’ fall music scene attained another event this year with CD102.5 FM expanding upon their annual Summerfest concert to introduce their first Fall Fest.

PC: Anthony Pavuk
PC: Anthony Pavuk

The inaugural bill boasted acts such as The Greeting Committee, Maybird, Jake Bugg, Frank Turner, CHVRCHES, and others.  All of the artists played on the Express LIVE! main stage, except for Maybird and The Greeting Committee.

I wasn’t a fan of the use of two different stages, although A&R sets up a very intimate setting for the audience and the band. It also allowed for more acts to perform in a limited time frame, but regardless, not many people were willing to get up from their spot on the lawn or in the pit to go inside.

PC: Anthony Pavuk
PC: Anthony Pavuk

I can passionately say that all of those people missed out; Maybird put on an exceptional show.  The five-member alternative band, often described as psychedelic, originally from Rochester, New York, performed their 30-minute set with a refreshing harmony and an unadulterated passion.

They featured songs mostly off their EP, Turning Into Water, which was released late spring of this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole set but I particularly liked “Big Sun Explosion” and “Nocturne” which epitomizes their vibe and showcases each band member’s flair.

Although, “Turning Into Water” has to be my favorite track off the EP, it strays from the tone of the other tracks, but works great nonetheless.

In my opinion, seeing the band get into their music and show how passionate they are about it is my favorite aspect of any performance.

PC: Anthony Pavuk
PC: Anthony Pavuk

Maybird conveyed their spirit very well throughout their set and it culminated during their last song, which made for an overall excellent performance.

I feel bad for those who missed out on Maybird’s performance, but they will have the chance to see them again in Columbus later this year.

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