Concert Review: Lewis Del Mar // The Basement // 10.10.16

To be quite honest, I had a migraine all day leading up to the Lewis Del Mar show that took place at The Basement in Columbus, Ohio. Not a mild one either – one that throbs behind your eye and makes you wish you had sunglasses on all day long.

PC: Billboard
PC: Billboard

Nevertheless, I strolled up to the arena district and looked up to see the Express Live! billboard read, “Die Antwoord – SOLD OUT.” That group name didn’t bring back any delightful memories.

I made my way down into venue where Lewis Del Mar’s opener, The Boulevards, was putting on an energetic and groovy performance. Interestingly, the in between set music was filled with the likes of Desiigner’s “Panda” and others belonging to that genre.

Coming out next, I expected the best friend duo of Danny Miller and Max Harwood to enter the stage. However, contrary to what I expected, a five-member band entered the stage.

Immediately, they made their energy felt with the first track of their self-titled first album, “Such Small Scenes,” and followed it up with another high-spirited song, “14 Faces.” From the beginning, the personalities of each band member radiated throughout the venue. The crowd loved it, the band fed off it, and it made for an enhanced overall show and experience.

The group then proceeded to play almost all of the songs from their album, which included a few previously released singles and track from their EP. Thrown in the setlist was my favorite part of the show, a cover of Rihanna’s “Needed Me.” As they even stated after finishing the song, it was a leap of faith, but it definitely paid off.

They rocked through (almost) all of the songs off their album and saved “Memories” and “Malt Liquor” for the encore to jam the hardest.

The New York-based band played their hearts out for their first ever headline tour and first ever time in Columbus. I have a feeling that their successes will be plentiful on this tour and I sincerely hope to see them back in Columbus in the near future, bigger and better. I would also like to genuinely thank them for curing my migraine.

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