Track Review: Check Your System by Captiva

Kansas City indie-funk group gets a little bit punk with their new single, “Check Your System.”

PC: Elle Grace Photography – Jackson of Captiva at FMMF 2016

Captiva’s newly released track takes a veer from the summer beach vibes of their last, self-titled, E.P. The result, “Check Your System,” is something more unique, with a lot more attitude.

“Check Your System” feels like a jam session you’re getting access to. The song is very loosely structured kind of just goes wherever it pleases.

If Captiva is feeling a guitar solo, they’re giving you that solo whenever the hell they feel like it, and you’ll eat it up because it’s a badass solo and you want to be cool.

Not surprising is also that Jackson, the lead vocalist, is a big fan of Twenty One Pilots. Captiva is able to call back to some of the best moments from Vessel (Twenty One Pilots at their peak) in terms of inventiveness on display.

But “Check Your System” isn’t imitating anyone’s sound, it’s totally fresh.

It fakes out comparison and avoids being labeled as any singular thing. Like I thought I was getting some type of energetic alt-J — which would have been a dream come true — then I got this Hamilton type of line about a guy coming from the middle of a map — which is like a better dream also coming true.

Jackson rhymes his lack of need for a GPS with his habit of smoking herbals to relieve stress, so I’m just connecting on all levels here.

Case in point: “Check Your System” is a dope, wholly unique little track that deserves some of your attention.

Captiva has only been around for a year and a half, the fact that their sound has already developed in such a brilliant way makes them someone to keep your eyes on.

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