Broods // A&R Music Bar // 8.7.16

Brother-sister duo Broods, fresh off of the release of their sophomore record Conscious, made a stop at Columbus’ A&R Music Bar to give fans a sold out show to remember.

PC: The Indie Sound

The band’s set was made up of hits both old and new, but there was no doubt that in the three years between Evergreen and Conscious, the band had matured and added a stronger aspect to both their sound, and live performance.

The minute front woman Georgia Nott took to the stage, the audience was entranced by vocals that mirrored what many listeners had heard on the album, with an added kick.

Blazing through a lively set list starting with the upbeat track “Conscious,” Georgia’s vocals carried through the packed venue with such force it caught many of those in attendance by surprise. Unexpected screams and independent harmonies were sprinkled throughout the song, giving those in the audience a chance to truly experience the electro-pop sound the band is known for producing.

As the night went on, Georgia, Caleb and the rest of the band (including the duo’s cousin on the drums) played through tracks that were more on the down-tempo side of things like “Bedroom Door,” and acoustic renditions of “All of Your Glory” and “Taking You There.” Georgia’s beckoning in “Bedroom Door” could be felt instantaneously, and there was just something about the simple, yet extremely soulful melody that pulled the listener into a dreamy state of disbelief.

Georgia Nott may only be 22 years old, but her vocals make it seem like she’s well beyond her years in vocal maturity.

PC: The Indie Sound

I’m sure fans were looking forward to a great show initially, this being the second time Broods had every come in to town, but the band took those expectations and warped them into something more. A statement and a way to put themselves out there and make sure people remember who they are and what their music is about: making people feel good.

Halfway through the 20-song set list, the piano introduction began to play for one of the most concrete and emotional songs on the album, “Freak of Nature,” which featured additional vocals from Swedish pop singer Tove Lo on the studio recording. Tove Lo didn’t magically appear on stage that night, but Georgia combined both sets of vocals to make it so the singer didn’t have to be there for it to be a beautiful moment.

As the lights flashed, the bass pulsed and Georgia’s vocals hit the highest point on the record, the crowd seemed to collectively shudder in awe, making it my favorite track of the night.

The night went on but the energy never seemed to miss a beat. The dance-influenced track “Recovery” had everyone, inside and out, dancing along and jumping around with the band and “Heartlines,” the track co-written with fellow NZ musician Lorde brought everyone together in song.

The venue, throughout the entirety of the set, echoed with the screams of fans reciting back the lyrics to Broods. When the band left and came back to play an encore performance of “Bridges,” every single syllable within the lyrics of the song were sung at the band so loud, they stopped for a minute afterward to reflect on what had just happened.

“You guys really know how to make someone feel good about themselves,” Georgia said, beaming along with the rest of the band.

I think everyone in the room was thinking the same thing.

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