Breaking Music News: New music from New Zealand duo Broods

Indie pop duo Broods release their second single, “L.A.F.”, off of their debut album Evergreen expected out October 7th in the US on a contract with Capitol Records.


Broods consists of brother and sister Georgia and Caleb Nott, Georgia on lead vocals and Caleb on production and backing vocals. The thing that makes me really enjoy this duo is the melodies in their songs, the brooding voice (Ha ha) of Georgia Nott blends in perfectly with the foot-tapping beats and electronic sounds produced by Caleb.

The duo has that unique sound that reminds me of a more pop injected form of the R&B singer Banks. Make sure to check out the singles on their Soundcloud page, along with a few great remixes and their self-titled EP.

Photo Courtesy of Entire Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Entire Magazine

If you have never heard of Broods, listen to the EP first starting with the track “Bridges”, then go from there. I’m excited to see where this group ends up, hopefully they go on tour near me, a performance like that would be amazing to witness.

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