Album Review: Before The Waves by Magic Man

Magic Man? More like Magic Men (even though the band consists of an extremely talented woman). This band has been under my radar since I had the opportunity to see them live (if you haven’t noticed, I attend many concerts), they were opening for Walk The Moon.

The band originated in Boston, and started out with just the lead singer Alex Caplow and keyboardist/guitarist Sam Vanderhoop Lee as a project in 2010. The first album they released titled Real Life Color is extremely hard to find online, its basically buried. Anyways, after the band added along Justine Bowe on the keyboard (the extremely talented woman I explained earlier), Joey Sulkowski on the drums, and Gabe Goodman on the bass, they began writing music which evolved into the album released this week.

Before The Waves was released Tuesday as the bands debut, an album I have been waiting to listen to for a while now. The album was everything I expected and more, the band’s synth pop sound radiates through the songs grabbing a hold of the person listening. Key tracks on the album are: “Paris”, “Texas”, “Catherine”, “Chicagoland”, and “Tonight”.

Buy this album, and give them a chance to woo you with melodies like no other.



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