Review: Bad Suns offer a pleasant show to a packed A&R Music Bar

The Californian quartet, Bad Suns, along with special guests, HUNNY, delivered a solid sold out show at Columbus’ A&R Music Bar on Friday night (6/9) to a crowd of eager fans ready to indulge in one of the first concerts of the season.

Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman // PC: Jonathan Crocetti

Upon walking to the venue at the time doors opened, the line was almost past the building which is a considerable amount of people for A&R Music Bar.

Waiting in line, I encountered some Bad Suns fan art which resulted from fans who were queueing drew on the sidewalk and were surely first in front of the barricades inside. Once inside, the energy (and humidity) greeted me in full force. I always forget how small A&R Bar actually is when a well-known band like Bad Suns comes into town due to how crowded the bar was.

The opening act, HUNNY, came onstage a little after 8:30 p.m. to liven up the already buzzing crowd. They had a great opening number and continued the energy throughout the entire set.

HUNNY // PC: Jonathan Crocetti

Their set was loud, but wasn’t overwhelming for the small venue. In the middle of their set, the band switched things up with a pretty impressive cover of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching their set and found them to be appropriate to open for Bad Suns.

In between sets, patrons began to come in frequently. The heat came from both the closeness of people and the garage doors opened up to the patio to try to relieve some of it. “Redbone” by Childish Gambino came on the speakers and got the crowd swaying and singing along.

At 10:15, the lights went down and screams filled the small venue. Bad Suns opened with “Disappear Here” as blue and red lights shined on their glittery zia symbol. The band continued the show swapping between their albums Disappear Here and Language and Perspective which was nice because fans got to enjoy pretty much everything from their discography.

Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman // PC: Jonathan Crocetti

Frontman Christo Bowman, engaged fans by standing over the crowd and holding out his microphone for them to sing back to him. “We’re sorry we haven’t been back here in two years,” Bowman said between songs. “But during that time we were creating this album [Disappear Here] so we could share it with you, Columbus.”

The key highlight of the show for me was when they performed my favorite track off Disappear Here “Outskirts of Paradise” which was just as glorious and fun to hear live as I imagined it to be. Bowman hit his falsetto in the bridge about as good as it was on the recording.

The show ended a little before midnight and I was amazed at the 17 track set list that they had performed. But fans didn’t seem to mind as they exited A&R Music Bar buzzing from one of the first concerts of summer in Columbus.

Overall, Bad Suns put on a solid show and production that can be seen by the band’s five year relationship. If you want to see a band who’s music gives you good vibes feelings, head out to a Bad Suns show.

You can listen to Disappear Here below and also read up on our exclusive Q&A with Christo Bowman as part of our latest Indie Sound Feature.

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