Artists You Should Know: Junior Prom

I know what you’re thinking, who the hell is Junior Prom?

Photo Courtesy of The Windish Agency
Photo Courtesy of The Windish Agency

Junior Prom is a two piece indie pop band that was started in Brooklyn, New York last year by Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger. The band creates an electro-pop rock sound that makes the listener want more and more, unfortunately they only have five songs released, hopefully with an LP coming soon on a contract with Elektra Records.

The most popular song on the band’s self-titled EP, “Sheila Put the Knife Down”, immediately reminds me of  a summer anthem, the interesting blend along with the vocals from Solomich and Ratensperger all contribute to a great sound and a great EP.

Check out Junior Prom on iTunes and Amazon, you can also listen to the EP for free by clicking here.


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