Antioch: An Indie Sound Feature

Antioch is a brand new Columbus band, formed around two brothers, Nate and Weston Little. Their sound is a driving rock with a slight country twang, held together by slick riffs and pounding drums.

Antioch at the Big Room Bar

A self titled EP, released earlier this year, features five tracks reminiscent of Ryan Adams or the rock side of Jason Isbell.

“Feeling Better” captures their sound well and is probably the best songwriting on the EP, with a catchy chorus and ripping guitar solo. “The Lonely” channels their best, most vibrant rock, while “Who’ll Stop Us Now” plays into the country sounds of twinkling, acoustic guitars and an opposite melancholy, electric guitar.

It’s been a year since they began recording and forming the band, so I got with Nate and Weston to discuss where the band came from and where they plan on taking it.

The Indie Sound: How did the band get started?

Nate: We started the band about a year ago with John, our guitarist. We had a few songs that my brother and I had written. So we started to do some recording in our basement just to get those put together, with the idea of going out and doing some shows. Later on, we brought in Michael, our piano player, and started to do some shows, which is where we’re at right now.

Weston: We started to play once or twice a month since November, trying to keep busy and keep recording. We released our EP in January.

TIS: Where did your musical influence stem from? Who are some of your favorite artists and how did you get started individually?

Nate: I think Wes and I are pretty diverse in the music we listen to. We relate more to older music, from our parents’ and even our grandparents’ generations. We take to the ‘60s and ‘70s music a lot, and I think you can hear that in some of our styles.

Weston: Recently, we’ve latched onto more current stuff: introducing more synth sounds, and making our craft more dynamic. We’ve also been trying to make our shows more dynamic by working on our setlists, trying to figure out what songs we need to fill the show.

Nate: I think the people in the band have a diverse inspiration in things that we listen to. Wes and I grew up listening to country, bluegrass, and rock n’ roll from the ‘70s and ‘80s. When we brought in John, he was definitely more into the heavier rock and metal. It really helped to shape the band in a cool way, adding different sounds and music.

Antioch at the Big Room Bar

TIS: You mentioned the EP was released fairly recently – what was the writing, recording, and release process like?

Weston: It took place mostly over the summer, wrapped in the fall, and released early this year. We had most of the songs already done as far as writing went, and we recorded it ourselves. We did the five songs, but a lot of work went into which ones to record. We tried to pick which ones would showcase our sound the best, and combine those different types of styles.

Nate: It was really the process of sitting around and recording songs that formed the band. Weston and I had the intention of taking these songs and forming a band around them, but it was bringing in John in the beginning and having so much fun with him at the beginning that we decided to start the band there.

Weston: And then release the EP as fast as we could!

TIS: As newer Columbus band, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced getting off the ground and trying to get people to pay attention?

Weston: One of the hardest ones at the beginning was trying to get people to let us play places. Networking and getting to know people is hard, so getting those shows is a bit of a challenge.

Nate: I also think trying to stand out as a different band that is interesting to listen to. There are a lot of bands in Columbus, and a lot of good ones, but it’s hard to weed through them. I think if we can come across as memorable when we do a show, people can have us back to play and we can form a fanbase.

TIS: What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Weston: I went to Florida and Ryan Adams just happened to be in Tampa at the same time. I drove about two hours to see him, and it was a fantastic show.

Nate: I think Weston’s been to more shows than I have, so I’m kind of jealous, but we saw Brian Fallon one time at the Newport and that was cool.

TIS: What are your future plans – immediate future but also long term future?

Nate: I think we’re trying to get our songs and a good setlist together to play more shows right now. Eventually we might go on a small tour around Ohio to gain a fanbase and more experience playing shows.

Weston: We’ve been working on our style a lot more lately, creating a better live sound. We’re constantly trying to figure that out, and we’re going through a change to make it more presentable and more of a performance, rather than just seeing a band.

Check out more of Antioch on Facebook and Soundcloud.



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