Album Review: WALLS by Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon have released WALLS, the long-awaited follow up to 2013’s Mechanical Bull. Their single “Waste A Moment,” released in early September, set high expectations among fans of the Tennessee-based alternative rock band.

PC: Rolling Stone
PC: Rolling Stone

Now that it has finally been released, I thought I would share with you my thoughts track by track:

“Waste a Moment” – The album’s opening song is simply the modern arena rock anthem of the year. Since this song was released weeks before the album, I’m sure I don’t need to do too much talking about it. Just know it makes you want to jump up and down and party.

“Reverend” – “Reverend” sounds like the musical equivalent of putting all of your best friends in a vintage convertible and going on a road trip on a sunny afternoon; it is so feel-good and awe-inspiring. Lead singer Caleb Followill powers through the song with his signature voice in true Kings of Leon fashion, which is the standout performance on the song, as well as the lightly-distorted guitar and pounding drums.

“Around the World” – “Around the World” definitely continues the impression of beauty, happiness, and carefree spirit of the previous two songs on the album. So far, it is safe to say that if you need something to just put a smile on your face, put on this album. The relentless bass riff on this song gives it a very dance-y, glam vibe – an interesting direction to take when dealing with alternative rock.

“Find Me” – “Find Me” is one of those songs that starts right at the beginning of the last song, almost as if this and “Around the World” are one long song with two parts, which is always a plus in my book. On top of that, “Find Me” is where we get the classic Kings of Leon powerful rock song. It’s definitely the most stereotypical Kings of Leon song on the album thus far; the melodies and lyrics take a very slightly darker twist. Any fan of the band’s big hits such as “Use Somebody” or “Sex On Fire” will love this song.

“Over” – Similar to “Find Me,” “Over” continues the slightly darker, more well-known side of
Kings of Leon. The lyrics touch on loneliness and love. I actually am a very big fan of this song. I made the comparison earlier when discussing “Reverend” about a road trip with your best friends, “Over” gives off the same feeling, however this road trip is at 2 a.m. If you’re anything like me and especially enjoy listening to music late at night, throw on this song for sure.

“Muchacho” – As the name implies, “Muchacho” gives off a very Mexican/Southwestern USA vibe, and sounds like Kings of Leon started a Mariachi band. I really like this personally, exploring other genres is an interesting experimental direction for any band to take, and it worked in this song for Kings of Leon. For any fans of indie rock and/or alternative rock struggling to find the perfect song to slow dance to, look no further.

“Conversation Piece” – The main feature in this song is the drums, which are played ever so softly, making this a beautiful ballad-like song that at the same times feel like a powerful anthem of love, and wanderlust. Again, this is a perfect song for at late night.

“Eyes On You” – Wow, this song is awesome. It has romantic lyrics, upbeat drums, great guitar riffs, and a groovy bass line – basically everything you know, love, and expect from a Kings of Leon song. This song would go good with any situation: you could dance to it, fall asleep to it, drive to it. It’s an all-around great song and my favorite on the album.

“Wild” – “Wild” begins with an amazing guitar riff, and is keeping up the classic Kings of Leon vibe we have seen continue through much of the album. This song is another one for the whole “late night road trip” category, as it just gives off that same spacey, beautiful feeling as “Over.”

“WALLS” – The album closes on the title song, a slow, acoustic ballad. This provides a perfect bittersweet ending in a way only Kings of Leon can perfect. This definitely the saddest song on the album, as the lyrics deal with loss and despair. If you are ever at a Kings of Leon concert, I would recommend holding up your lighter/phone flashlight during “WALLS.” The end of this song just makes me want to listen to the whole album again, while anxiously awaiting the next
release from this great band.

Overall, WALLS is a great album for any fan of good music. As for me personally, I will never hesitate to throw this on in any situation, like when I am studying or just hanging out late at night. I feel like this album has everything; it has the powerful arena anthems, the slow jams, and the good old-fashion alternative rock that makes Kings of Leon such a great band to their fans.


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