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The Indie Sound is a collective of dedicated music writers that aim to shine the spotlight on artists big and small, both locally and worldwide.

Modest Mouse from our coverage of PromoWest Fest 2016

The Indie Sound started off as a way to pass the time. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Kris Perez put his love for music and writing together to create the website, but at first, he didn’t think it would take off.

One post, a link to a live collaboration between Ed Sheeran, Sia, and GROUPLOVE to cover Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” kicked it all off. The post skyrocketed, and from then on, Kris has been putting his passion into The Indie Sound’s creation.

Starting in the summer of 2015, he began putting together a staff, first consisting of his friends from high school, and now, of college students from all over Ohio and other states such as New York and Chicago.

The website, with the help of staff writers and contributors, has reached 58K unique pageviews and counting. With new features and ideas, The Indie Sound staff hopes to hit the 100K mark within the next year.

From live reviews to artist features to festival coverage, The Indie Sound provides its readers with a look at the little guy, and a way to see local scenes through the eyes of the people who care about them most.

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