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Hello! My name is Kris Perez, I started up The Indie Sound (previously named The Indie Review) last year as a project to further my writing and to try to get closer to a dream I’ve had for a while now.

I’m currently a freshman at Ohio University and I’m lucky enough to be studying at one of the top Journalism schools in the nation, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. What’s my major goal? I want to turn The Indie Sound into something big. I want to meet artists, network, make connections, and spread the music I discover to people all over the world. I hope to one day turn this into a full time job, into a major online publication.

Music is a major part of my life, I listen to almost anything. If I haven’t heard it before, I’m willing to try. This blog mainly focuses on alternative rock and “indie” stuff (as pretentious as that sounds) but we don’t shy away from covering any artist regardless of the genre.

I love music and I love writing. It’s basically what drives me. Writing for this blog is a way that I hope to spread some great music with the all of you. Accomplishing all this and gaining readers and followers is getting me closer to my dreams, so to all reading, thank you.

As for my favorite artist…I really can’t pick one. I have so many artists that I absolutely love. If I HAD to choose…it would probably be The Kooks, or Walk The Moon, or The Griswolds, or Bombay Bicycle Club…the list can go on forever.

Music is my life, and I really hope I’m accomplishing something by spreading my love for it.

Thanks for reading!

– Kris

Feel free to follow my personal Twitter (@kperez85) and the account’s Twitter (@indie_sounds). Have something you think I should check out/review/rant about? Shoot an email to!


2 Comments on “Kris Perez (Founder)”

  1. Hi Kris,

    Owen here from the band Tablefox in New Zealand. I have only recently discovered your site. I’m really impressed. There are some great reviews here and especially your picks of the week.
    The reason I discovered you was via google and generally reviewers and bloggers of indie music. Tablefox have a album due to be released on the 20th November. No videos as yet. (Still in the making). How do I get a private link of the Album to you?


  2. Hello, again, Kris. I just checked in with you on LinkedIn.

    I’m trying to find your blog site, but the info I have keeps saying you moved. Please send me a link so I can sign in.

    A couple of additional bits of information.

    I have been playing in bands of almost every type since 1965. I have been drummer for the riverside Rats for almost 15 years. We no longer have a website, but are working on that.

    I am a long time season ticket holder at Fur Peace Ranch. I have two seats. I frequently am looking for someone to join me if you’re interested.

    A nephew of mine is one of the promoters of the Numbers Fest. He often is looking for volunteers for his events. Check out

    Another nephew of mine is starting at OU this fall (August?). While I believe he is going to be in the Scripps program with an emphasis on sports, he also loves music. He’s a singer and this impromptu video was done with a cell phone after a school concert in the hallway:

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